Are you taking any Medications?  A simple 2-minute cheek swab test can determine what medications work best for you and, more importantly, which ones will create adverse allergic reactions.



Over 2 million Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) require hospitalization ea. year,

Over 2000 severe, life threatening ADR's occur every day,

There over over 125,000 ADR's deaths every year,

ADR's are the fourth leading cause of death in the US. Right up there with Stroke,

FDA reports $136 Billion+ in annual costs of ADR's,

Over 350,000 Nursing Home ADR's per year,

The more drugs a patient takes, the higher risk of an ADR,

The avg. Medicare patient takes 5-8 drugs, some as high as 20+ drugs per day, and

Patients taking over 11 drugs per day  have a 90% chance of an ADR.


The Solution is a MedXPrime Personal Medicine - PGx Test

       What is the PGx Test?

 PGx is a pharmacogenomics test that can help predict how a patient will respond to drug therapy based on individual genetic makeup.

  • Genetic variants affect drug absorption, metabolism and activity. Results guide effective treatment decisions, potentially reducing adverse drug events (ADEs) and trial-and-error drug selection and dosing.
  • Provides recommendations for over 300 commercial drugs, with extensive coverage of psychiatric, cardiac and pain management drugs.
  • Utilizes cutting-edge Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology to deliver comprehensive coverage of ~200 genetic variants.
  • Delivers medically actionable recommendations in an easy to interpret report.

NOTE: Only need one test in lifetime as DNA doesn't change.


Patients who need a PGx test urgently:

 Are taking medications with FDA’s black box warnings that require/recommend PGx testing

  • Have multiple drugs prescribed
  • Have a history of poor medication compliance
  • Have multiple chronic conditions and taking multiple medications to treat conditions
  • Require a higher- than- standard dosage to achieve the desired result
  • Have had a severe adverse drug reaction
  • Have had unexpected or unexplained responses to medications
  • Have had multiple unsuccessful drug trials

NOTE: You only need to do this test once as your DNA doesn't change.


PGx tests quickly delivers clinically actionable information to the Physician:

50 genes - the most comprehensive PGx test available

Over 300 medications covered with high level of evidence

Predicts drug interactions with recommendations for alternatives

Eliminate Trial and Error in drug prescriptions

Bridging the gap between Medical Science and Medical Practice

Improving patient compliance

Helping to reduce patient healthcare costs


Partial List of institutions that use this test:  Mayo Clinic. St. Jude, Stanford Medical Center, Johns Hopkins, Duke medical center, and the Vanderbilt University Medical Center.  The FDA also recommends it 


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    Important Note about the letter and test:

    The letter that you will receive for yourself, or others, is comprised of three pages.  The first two are for the you, or the patient, to get the information regarding the importance of the PGx test. 

    It also describes how the test will be billed to an insurance company.   There is never a surprise bill presented to any patient.  If the insurance company won't cover the test, the patient will be contacted before the test is performed to either, not do the test, or to work out a payment plan. 

    No surprises.  You may also contact us for any questions you may have at 972-979-1701, or chris@lynes.net.  A Certified MedXPrime Independent Representative.

    The life you save may be your own.  Pass this important test to everyone you know.  Get them a letter as their doctor probably doesn't know this test is available.  Let's save some lives together.

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