FreedomCare Health Plan

 As a business owner, you want to give you and your employees the best possible benefits plan.  This plan allows you to  offer your employees valuable supplementary benefits at little, or no out-of-pocket expense to you or your employees.  You, as the employer, actually make a small profit from each employee.  Other parts of the plan allow you to offer low-cost compliant major-medical plans for 20-30% less than the average plan available anywhere else today.

FreedomCare takes advantages of several provisions in the Fed IRS code that allows each employee to shelter a portion of their income for health and wellness insurance. The withholding for that tax-sheltered amount can then be used to obtain supplementary benefits that can offset much, if not all, of the deductibles associated with standard major-medical plans, even Obamacare. Both employee and employer gain.

Steps to FreedomCare:

 Step 1:  We create a census of your employees.  This is a list of names, dependents, ages, gender, income, and tax  deductions, the more detail we get, the more accurately will be our quote.

Step 2: We then run a calculation for each employee to determine the amount of benefits they qualify for,

Step 3: We present a complete plan based on the actual situations of each employee.

Step 4: We then meet with each employee to present the plan to them and show how you are providing valuable  benefits they didn’t have before. Our enrollers fully explain how the plan works and will be available on an ongoing  basis.  We are in for the long term.

Step 5: We then support the co. by scheduling times for our agents to be available periodically onsite to be the  employer’s benefits manager.  This reduces your load for benefits. There is no cost to employer for this service.


FreedomCare for Employees:

 Compliant Health Benefits they didn’t have before at a very low cost,

  • Wellness program that protects some income from taxes,
  • Tax Savings used to purchase these benefits,
  • Supplementary benefits at no out-of-pocket cost to employee or employer,
  • Employee gets an average of $200 savings to purchase plans,
  • Plans such as Gap, Critical Illness, Disability, Cancer, etc

FreedomCare for the Employer:

  • Provide benefits to employees and management group,
  • Management group is carved out for full major medical benefits with the lowest possible cost,
  • Employer actually makes about $400 per employee per year,
  • We estimate that you have total out-of-pocket per employee which is a lot less than a classic ObamaCare group plan.  20-40% less.

Is it too good to be true?

Good question.  Keep in mind that this program, like any insurance program, has been fully vetted and approved by the Texas Department of Insurance, the Dept. of Labor and HHS.  It comes under the Federal IRS Sections 105 and 125 rules as a cafeteria plan.  The IRS says it’s OK, Texas says it’s OK.  Yes, it’s really good and perfectly ethical, moral, and legal.  It is the only program of its type in the entire country.  It’s one of those rare  programs that actually helps people.

How can it work for your company?

Call and get a short presentation from a Certified FreedomCare onsultant NOW!