HealthQuest:      (Our Supplement Program)

As a business owner, you want to give you and your employees the best possible benefits plan. This plan allows you to offer your employees valuable benefits at no out-of-pocket expense to you or your employees. You, as the employer, can actually make a small profit from each employee.

HealthQuest takes advantages of a provision in the Fed IRS code that allows each employee to shelter a portion of their income for health and wellness insurance. The withholding for that tax-sheltered amount can then be used to obtain supplementary benefits that can offset much, if not all, of the deductibles and co-pays associated with standard major medical plans, even Obamacare. Both employee and employer gain.

Steps to HealthQuest:

Step 1: We create a census of your employees,
Step 2: We run a calculation for each employee to determine the amount of benefits they qualify for,
Step 3: We present to each employee and enroll them, with your permission, of course,
Step 4: We do a free simple physical exam non-invasive body scan, for each enrollee and create a tailored monthly wellness plan,
Step 5: They check into their web page to report their effort and goals for the month - Could just be as simple as a contact that says they have checked in,
Step 6: They receive a monetary benefit for participating that month, and
Step 7: The employer also receives a monetary benefit as well of about $400 per employee per year.

HealthQuest for Employees:

●  Deductible Gap Plan - Pays deductibles for major medical plans like ObamaCare or group medical plans
●  Cash Value Life Insurance - Permanent life insurance
● Accident Indemnity Plan - Have and accident, get paid
●  Disability Insurance - Pay bills when you are laid up
●  Critical Illness coverage - Heart, Cancer, Alzheimer’s coverage
●  Cancer Coverage - Get cancer, get paid
●  Hospital indemnity Insurance - pays deductibles for hospital stays

HealthQuest for the Employer:

  • Employer pays no taxes on the premium either,
  • Employer receives a profits of an average of $400 per year per employee,
  • Available even if employer doesn't provide major medical,

Is it too good to be true?

Good question. Keep in mind that this program, like any insurance program, has been fully vetted and approved by the Texas Department of Insurance. It comes under the Federal IRS Section 125 rules as a cafeteria plan. The IRS says it’s OK, Texas says it’s OK. Yes, it’s really good and perfectly ethical, moral, and legal. It is the only program of its type in the entire country. It’s one of those rare programs that actually helps people.

How can it work for your company? Contact us and get a short presentation from a Certified Wellness Consultant NOW!