Flexible Lifetime Account-Plus (FLA+)

We understand that the hardest part of creating a powerful retirement is:  getting to the first million.

What if we loaned it to you?

We offer the FLA+ with Leveraged Planning® solution to qualified individuals, entrepreneurs, medical practitioners and business professionals for use in specially selected, principal protected financial products.

The power to enhance your retirement may reside in your business. You have created a valuable  business that can form the foundation for a  leveraged financial planning approach that is as powerful as it is innovative.

Not only does the FLA+ solution provide  a level of stability to your retirement portfolio, it is also selective, tax efficient, and cost effective.

The FLA+, when applicable, gives you, the business owner, the opportunity to take a tax deduction relative to your participation, grow your wealth tax deferred, and take distributions out of the FLA+ tax free.

Additionally, the FLA+ jump starts your retirement by advancing massive amounts of capital in the program for you, with the goal of realizing superior gains as a result of having more money working for you This lends itself to having the ability to generate a much larger nest egg that may then be distributed on a tax free basis.

Bottom Line

  • Paid up policy in five years.
  • Great retirement income for life.
  • Income is tax-free.
  • You have life insurance, Long-term-care coverage and can borrow against the cash value for personal expenses.

This a somewhat more complicated program and requires qualification.  Call 972-979-1701 for a no-cost private consultation.