Flexible Lifetime Account (FLA)

                                                                              Double your retirement Income and it’s tax-free

First, let’s discuss just what the basic issues are with the 401k.  It’s a plan developed by Ted Bena in the 1970s.  You  could take a limited amount of pre-tax dollars from your income and put into a 401k program and let is grow tax-deferred until retirement, at which time you would take the money out, over time, at a lower tax rate.  Sounds really good, right?  Here are the problems with that plan:

1. In the 1970s, the tax rates rates were much higher than today.  70% or higher was the norm for higher income earners.  The tax rates are now about 30%, with the highest tax-rate of 39.6%.  The 401k only works if the tax rate is much higher for the money going in than what is taken out at retirement.  That is not the case today.

2. The average fees, according to Forbes, for your 401k, are 3% or more.  These fees are not fully disclosed.  That mean your 401k has to earn at least 3% in any given year before you get a dime.  Whether the market goes up, or down, you still pay 3% of the account value as fees every year.

The FLA is a program that replaces the 401k by taking advantage of the tax-advantaged benefits of cash-value life insurance.  This plan is offered and supported by some of the largest financial institutions in the world.  These include Voya, North American, and Midland National.
Face it, down deep you always thought that there had to be a better way to save for retirement, and now there is.  This web site provides a description of just how this works for an individual or a business.
When you get done reading, you will understand why this is probably the best financial vehicle ever designed.  Let’s get started.
This site is not designed to detail every great feature, but to give a brief summary of the key features and benefits to show how the the FLA program is so much better for you, in many ways, over any other retirement plan out there.  For more information, please fill out the form below and we can provide you more information.

                     Bottom Line:
● Double your retirement income.
● Income is tax-free.
● You have life insurance, Long-term-care coverage and can borrow against the cash value for personal expenses.

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 Assumption is 4.5% after fee growth (1% above Average).

 Assumption is that S&P will be the same for next 30 yrs.

 Assumption is the effective tax rate is 20%.

 For $7500 Pre-tax for 25Yrs = $375,851.

 Lasts 30 yrs at $1409 monthly (Rule of 4%, we use4.5%.

 Distribution income is taxed as ordinary income.

 Grows Tax-deferred.

 The IRS is your partner.

 Pay a 10% penalty until 59½ and fully taxable upon

withdrawal. Must take RMDs at 70½.

 Upside Potential-get high gains

 Downside Risk-Can lose it all.

 No Life Insurance Protection.

 No Critical Care Coverage.

 No Chronic Care coverage-No LTC.

 No terminal Illness coverage.

 Fees for admin, trading, management. Not fully disclosed.

Financial planners also charge a fee.

 Illustrations assume certain market factors based on past

performance of the markets.

 About the same accumulation as the Indexed Strategy,

but taxes have to be paid so income from a 401k is about

half that of the indexed strategy.

 Can increase tax burden on your Social Security taxes

because taxes on SS or dependent upon total income.

Has no built-in protection at all.

 Administered by banks and other financial institutions so

your money is safe.

 If you die, the account goes to your heirs, but they must

pay the taxes.

 Plan is tied to an employer, not portable.

 Only for individuals. No choice.

 The Old way to retire.

FLA Strategy

 Assumption is 7% growth (1.5% below History).

 Assumption is that S&P will be the same for the next 30 yrs.

 Assumption is that the effective tax rate is 20%.

 After Tax $6000 for 25 yrs = $354,379.

 Lasts for life at $2948 for life – Over double.

 Distribution Income not taxed or even reported.

 Grows Tax-Deferred.

 The IRS is not involved.

 Tax-Free income loans for life. Repaid at death. remainder

to heirs. No age restrictions at all.

 Upside Potential-Capped-at 14-16% annually.

 No downside Risk at all.

 Life protection.

 Critical Illness Coverage.

 Chronic Care- LTC Coverage.

 Terminal Illness Coverage.

 Fees are included for cost of insurance, commissions,

management. Well understood and disclosed.

Illustrations assume certain market factors based on past

performance of the markets.

 About the same Accumulation as a 401k, but no taxes

are due or reported to IRS so usable income is double, or

more, at retirement.

 Has positive effect on SS, or other income taxes, as FLA

income not reportable to the IRS.  Has a built-in protection

of at least 3% growth.

 Administered by even safer Insurance companies. Valid

IUL contracts have never failed. Banks do.

 When you die, the remaining death benefits are paid to

your heirs tax-free.

 Totally portable - Employee owns the plan.

 Multigenerational if needed. Many choices 

The New way to retire.