ObamaCure Program - Compliant Group Health Plan


As a business owner, you want to provide you and your employees the best possible benefits plan. This plan allows you to give your employees a major-medical program that is compliant, but can have much richer benefits at lower cost.


ObamaCure takes advantages of a provision in the ACA law that allows employers to offer a compliant plan under ERISA rules, not the HHS Obamacare rules. The basis is for you to create your own healthcare fund that allows your employees to access for their healthcare. This includes all of the features of a normal major medical plan. This plan offers the popular 80/20 plan, and in some narrow circumstances a 90/10 program where you choose the copays and deductibles. Once only available to larger companies, it is now available to small companies like yours.

Features of ObamaCure:

  • 100% ACA Compliant,
  • Only for groups of two or more,
  • Provided by private companies,
  • Must have 75% participation,
  • Group is underwritten,
  • Narrow networks - 90/10 plan,
  • National Networks - 80/10 plan,
  • No interference from gov’t,
  • Regulated By ERISA, not HHS
  • No requirement for maternity or pediatric dentistry
  • 20-40% Cheaper that Obamacare,
  • More Flexible, you design your own custom plan,
  • You have more control, you control how the funds are used,
  • Faster claim processing, days, not weeks,
  • Employs a TPA-Third Party Administrator whohandles all of the details like claims, premium,collections, etc.
  • You have limited liability via stop-loss Coverage, as part of plan, and Surplus funds can carry over until next year to lower costs or limit premium rises.

Our Process: We collect the necessary data (Census) about each of your employees, and any dependents to be covered, to generate a comparison of several major-medical plans and several ObamaCure program options so you can reach the best plan for your firm. You will be able to choose your custom plan to choose deductibles and copays.


This plan along with the HealthQuest plan provides the best value in healthcare today. ObamaCure creates a health plan that is rich in major medical benefits and HealthQuest provides cash directly to your employees to cover deductibles, copays, and other daily living expenses. ObamaCure is lower in cost than most other plans, and HealthQuest allows your employees to have extra benefits at no cost to them. Because HealthQuest provides you a profit, it can lower your overall healthcare costs even more.

How can it work for your company?

 Call 972-979-1701 now and ask for a short presentation from a Certified ObamaCure Consultant!