Protection Today
Peace of Mind Down the Road

We offer the the individual and the business owner the
most affordable health coverage and retirement planning.

We improve your healthcare by giving you a choice of the best and most affordable health plans around.

We also help you choose the best retirement programs where your plan accumulates a higher return and you can't lose money once credited to your plan.  This creates a higher retirement income for life.

To get started, review the sections on the above menu, then contact us for a no-cost review of your unique situation.  Be sure to check out the DNA test described in MedXprime above that could save your life.


Protection today:

  • Group Health
  • Individual Health
  • Supplemental Benefits
  • HRA/HSA Plans

Basic healthcare plans that are fully compliant with the US Government laws and regulations. Your business can utilize a self-funded plan that you, the business owner, design, with our help, of course. The bottom line is that you can provide superior benefits at a cost savings of 20-40% over fully insured plan for major carriers. It has nothing to do with ObamaCare.

The supplemental benefits plan provides no “out-of-pocket cost” benefits to the employee, and actually generates a profit to your business of $400 to $500/yr. for each employee.

Individual plans are the most affordable for an individual or family that provides full coverage at major szvings over ObamaCare.

Protection Today Plus Peace of Mind Down the Road:

We offer a very special retirement plan that is available to you from more than 50 major financial institutions, but you don’t know it exists. It’s time you found out about this planning. We call it the Flexible Lifetime Account, or the FLA.

For the same contribution to your 401k from both you and your employer, and after taxes are paid on those funds, you’ll receive about double the income when you retire for the rest of your life, it is tax-free income, the value of the account is protected from any downside risks of the stock market (you never lose any money, none), you have life insurance for your entire life and you leave a death benefit to your heirs. None of these are features of any qualified plan like a 401k, 403b, 457, etc.

That’s way too good to be true, right? Wrong, the partial list of companies that offer the core plan reads like a who’s who of major institutions. They include Allianz, Genworth, Pacific Life, North American, Transamerica, Protection Today, Peace of Mind Down the Road Home About Us Contact Us Articles/Resources Other Services and many more. Most financial planners and insurance agents are totally in the dark when it comes to these plans. They are so entrenched and trained in the equity markets, they have no clue about these plans. For many that do have some clue, they won’t tell you about these plans because they can’t provide the same benefits and continue to profit from your market trades. There is no trading, or profit for trading, which is how many, if not most, financial advisors make their money.

The protection today is the life insurance coverage and the ability to borrow cash value at a low interest rate, for emergencies, or for other planning. The peace of mind down the road is, both the life coverage, and the tax-free lifetime income. You also leave a legacy via the death benefit.

Interested yet? If not, then leave this site, but if you would like to get a no-cost consultation as to how you, and your employees, can benefits from these programs, call us right now at 972-979- 1701.

Disclaimer: We don’t offer tax or legal advice. If you have any such questions, please seek advice from a suitable practitioner.