Doctors are killing us.

They might not intend to, but more than 125,000 people die from adverse drug reactions every year in the US. These drugs were properly prescribed by doctors for their patients.  The Dr. just didn’t realize that the drug should not be prescribed due to the drug being fatal for the patient.  Adverse drug reactions are the fourth leading cause for death in the US. Right up there with, heart attacks, cancer, and stroke.  Some other stats:

  • Over 2,000,000 are admitted to the hospital because of ADRs,
  • FDA reports $136 Billion dollars spend each year on ADRs,
  • Over 2000 severe life-threatening ADR’s each day (FDA),
  • More than 350,000 Nursing Home ADR’s each year,
  • The more drugs taken the greater the risk of an ADR, and
  • Patients taking over 11 drugs have a 96% chance of an ADR.

Are you taking any medications?  Have you ever had and reactions to those drugs?  Do you know anyone who has had adverse reactions to drugs?  Probably so, and maybe they weren’t serious, but wouldn’t it be better to know if you, or they, were taking the right meds, in the right dosages? If there was a way to know for sure if you, or they, could be certain which drugs would be bad and which ones would be effective? Of course, you would.

There is a simple solution to this disastrous problem, but, there is a basic problem. Only a very few doctors even know that a solution exists.  Very few patients have a clue that there’s this simple solution. Did you know?  Probably not.  Our mission is to get the word out to as many doctors and patients as possible.

What’s the solution, you ask?

The solution is to have your doctor prescribe the PGx test.  This is a simple cheek swab test and takes less than 5 minutes.  He will send the completed test kits with the swabs to our award-winning Lab that will return a report in a week or so that gives you a full description of which drugs you can and cannot take.  This is a very simple process, but as mentioned, your doctor probably is not aware of this test.  Some doctors are aware that there are test out these that only test up to 13 genes, but the PGx test tests for 50 genes and is the most comprehensive test available.  Don’t you want the best when it comes to your health?

We Need Your Help

Please join us to get the word out to patients and doctors.  More than 90% of doctors don't know this test exists. 

There is the potential of major income for you to do so.  We get the doctors to call you.

What could be better than helping save lives and earning a great income at the same time?  

The first step is to review the initial webinar that gives you all the details of how to get involved and the income potential.  See below.

Please go to this link to register for the live webinar to explain the MedXprime program.  The first 20 minutes is for learning about the PGx test and why we all need to get it.  The balance of the webinar explains how you can get involved, introduce this test to Doctors, and build a team.  The income from this program is substantial if you follow the process.  

The following link to register for the live Webinars given given on any Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 6pm Pacific time.  It is also on Saturday at 10am Pacific time.



This link is a recording of the live webinars given during the week if none of the live webinar times are convenient.



Once you view either webinar, call me at: Chris Lynes, Certified MedXPrime Independent Representative - 972-979-1701 - to get more details and to get set up.  

Also, this is a perfect companion program if you are already in a MLM company that provides health products.  You already have a team in place and customers to introduce this to as another way to give them an additional way to improve their health.  

If you already have relationships with doctors, this plan can provide as much as $30,000 per year per doctor that offers the test you introduce them to.  over 90% of doctors are not aware that this test is available.  The webinar has complete details.  You really need to see this ASAP.

             Download white papers to help with basic partner information: