SUBJECT:  The New Era of Personalized Medicine


There are few things more important than immediately implementing pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing in your practice.  Dr. Richard Weinshilboum, the Director of Pharmacogenomics at Mayo Clinic and Dr. Jeffrey Balser, Dean of the Vanderbilt University Medical School explain why in this brief video, The New Era of Personalized Medicine.

Thousands of doctors across the country are dramatically improving the healthcare of their patients while reducing their exposure to lawsuits with the PGx test.  Increasing the efficacy of medications, decreasing the potential for ADRs and reducing the number of prescribed medications top the list of key advantages.  With our lab, you have access to one the most advanced and comprehensive PGx tests in the country. Covering 50 pharmacogenomic genes and utilizing Next Generation Sequencing, our PGx test provides medically actionable and clinically relevant data to help you make informed decisions for over 300 commercial drugs. All 300+ drugs are directly influenced by the 50 genes covered by PGx, and carry pharmacogenomics recommendations put forth by the FDA, EMA, PMDA, CPIC, DPWG and/or related pharmacogenomics publications.

The Mayo Clinic administers and promotes Personalized Medicine as seen in this 2-1/2 minute video.

The FDA has posted 233 Black Box Warnings recommending pharmacogenomics testing prior to or soon after initiation of therapy. Of those, over 100 drugs require pharmacogenetic testing prior to prescribing or it is highly recommended You have always diagnosed with all of the science available; now you can treat your patients with cutting edge science as well. With the PGx test you can prescribe with the Right Information for the Right Drug, in the Right Dose, Right from the Beginning.

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